Donald Trump goes completely berserk when he realizes DOJ grand jury is indicting him

The grand jury is in. That’s right, Jack Smith’s grand jury in the Trump classified documents probe is back in session this week, after having been on break. Most people think this means the grand jury is being brought back to indict Trump. Trump seems to think too, given the crazed meltdown he had after the news broke.


Trump’s late night social media meltdown was almost incoherent in its franticness: “The same people that illegally spied on my Campaign, created the Fake Dossier, cheated and rigged our sacred Presidential Election, tried and failed with Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, pushed for years the Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, invited the “No Collusion” Mueller Bull…., FBI/Twitter Files, FBI FACEBOOK Collusion, put the top DOJ official into the local D.A.’s Office to run the Witch Hunt in Manhattan, and more, are those that are now pushing the Boxes Hoax against “TRUMP.””


We’re still not sure why Donald Trump keeps putting his own last name in quotation marks. Maybe even he can’t take himself seriously anymore. In any case, it’s clearly over for Trump and even he knows it.

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