More bad news for Donald Trump about his indictment

It’s bad enough for Donald Trump that he’s been indicted in Manhattan on thirty-four criminal counts and is being forced to surrender himself tomorrow for arrest and processing. Trump was hoping there would be a silver lining in there in which this made him more popular. But hat’s not the case.


New polling from CNN shows that 60% of all Americans now approve of Donald Trump’s criminal indictment. For the past year, polling consistently showed that around 55% of Americans wanted Trump indicted. Now that it’s happened, that number appears to have gone up, not down.


This is the pattern we were expecting to see. There were always going to be those in the middle who didn’t know what to make of the talk that Trump could be indicted, but once it happened, they took that as a sign that he was probably guilty. Once Trump is arrested, arraigned, and given pretrial restrictions like any other felony defendant, we expect that number to inch higher. It should go higher still once Trump is indicted in multiple jurisdictions, which some will take as a sign that he truly must be guilty of something.

There will be endless media focus on how Trump’s base is reacting to the news. But Trump’s base was always going to keep supporting him, which means their support is irrelevant. His base isn’t nearly enough to save him in the political arena. That was always going to come down to how people on the fence, outside his base, viewed this news. They’re the ones Trump needs – and it’s not happening.

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