Donald Trump is having a really bad day over on Truth Social

Donald Trump began posting on Truth Social a year ago to try to convince everyone that he was somehow going to be a legitimate political candidate in a future election. Instead the whole thing has merely provided a glimpse into his downfall, as he’s gradually devolved from irrelevant has-been to criminal defendant. Trump is trying harder than ever to position himself today, but it’s going more poorly than ever.


Trump posted a video of a businesswoman talking about what a great real estate deal maker Trump supposedly was – but at one point the woman points out that Trump was nearly bankrupt while trying to pull off one of his deals. When the best argument you can come up with about your business prowess involves you having nearly bankrupted yourself, it’s… not the answer. But that was just the start of Trump’s misfires today.


Trump also touted new poll numbers from New Hampshire, which he seems to think make him look good. But in reality, the January vs April numbers that Trump posted reveal that he’s gone up zero points in three months. So much for how his indictment and arrest were somehow going to help him in the primary contest. These numbers also continue to show that when Ron DeSantis collapsed, Trump didn’t gain any of his supporters. That’s pretty ugly.

But the best part was where Trump made a Truth Social post that simply came up as “500 Service Error.” Not only does this guy have no idea what he’s trying to do with messaging, he can’t get his own crappy website to work.

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