Vladimir Putin’s latest public appearance raises further questions about his health

Last week there were suggestions in the media that Vladimir Putin may be gravely ill. Now new questions are surfacing about Putin’s health. Specifically it has to do with what appears to be a large new scar on Putin’s neck, spotted during his most recent public appearance.


This apparent scar has set off all kinds of speculation about what might be wrong with Putin, as documented by Newsweek. It doesn’t necessarily confirm that his health is in danger; some scars are a result of procedures for health conditions that are not life threatening to begin with.


But with Putin having spent the past year acting more and more strangely (starting wars he can’t win, staff meetings at idiotically long tables), amid fewer public appearances, questions about his health care going to continue swelling. Particularly when he shows up in public with what looks like a giant scar across his neck.

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