House Democrats force Marjorie Taylor Greene into silence during House hearing

House Republicans may have narrow majority control over committees and hearings, but he doesn’t mean they have any idea what they’re doing. Their hearings thus far have been ineffective and have done nothing to advance their agenda or narratives. Now you can add something new to the list.


Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to make a show of calling a witness a liar – but under the rules that’s something you can’t do. After House Democrats pointed this out, even the Republican running the hearing was forced to agree that Greene’s words had to be struck from the record. Democrats then also pointed out that by rule, Greene wasn’t allowed to speak anymore:


What continues to stand out about Marjorie Taylor Greene and her fellow House Republicans is just how lazy they’re being when it comes to preparing for these hearings. There’s a reason you learn the rules in advance, if only so the other side can’t use those rules to shut you up. But Greene can’t seem to be bothered to do her homework.

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