Donald Trump goes berserk over his trading cards debacle

Days ago, Donald Trump’s own quarterly financial filings pointed to his NFT digital trading cards having been a flop. Now Trump is insisting that his own filings are somehow wrong or something, and he’s insisting that they’re actually a great success because – in his incoherent words – “It’s called the MARKET!”


Trump also wants to know why he’s being given “NO “NICE GUY” CREDIT” for the fact that they sold so cheaply? Wait, that can’t be right. In any case, Trump is now apparently selling even more digital trading cards of himself, this time including a ridiculously bad photoshop of himself holding the liberty bell.


We don’t really know what to make of this, except that it’s another sign that Donald Trump is as desperate and shameless as ever. He really should be worried about his criminal indictments, not delusional trading cards.

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