Now Donald Trump Jr. is having a meltdown about World War III

Ever since it became clear to him that he was about to be criminally indicted and arrested, Donald Trump has been periodically yelling “World War III” on his social media site. His posts are incoherent, it’s been difficult to figure out whether he’s calling for World War III, or predicting it, or what.


But now Donald Trump Jr. is getting in on the act, tweeting this: “Does anyone really hate mean tweets more than WW3?” Wait, what is he even trying to say here? Is Junior saying that unless the mean-tweeting Donald Trump is allowed back into office, World War III will break out? This is unhinged even for Junior.


One Twitter user named “Terrible Johnny” had the most appropriate response to Donald Trump Jr.: “well one of these things exists and the other is just fear speech.. the real question is why do we need either? and why are you so angry?”

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