Donald Trump has incoherently insane late night meltdown

Someone must have explained to Donald Trump that his “Truth Social” post depicting himself taking a baseball bat to the Manhattan District Attorney was just going to decrease his odds of being able to get out on bail at his arraignment, because he deleted the post on Friday. But this seemed to break what was left of his brain, because as Friday night went on, his posts became incoherently insane.


Trump posted a video of his head superimposed on the body of a pole vaulter for some reason. Then as the night went on, he reposted an incoherently bizarre old video of him campaigning with a creepy speech about a lion from a Christopher Walken movie superimposed over it. If that doesn’t make any sense, it’s not supposed to. And we’re pretty certain Walken didn’t give his approval for any of this.


This came after posted an online poll conducted by a guy named “cat turd” as supposed proof that he’s winning the 2024 election. This guy couldn’t be any more delusional.

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