Jim Jordan ducks and covers as Donald Trump unravels

House Republican Jim Jordan keeps ‘asking’ Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to appear before his House committee and testify about his criminal probe into Donald Trump. We suspect Jordan is merely ‘asking’ because he knows that any attempt at forcing Bragg to testify would constitute obstruction of justice on Jordan’s part – and Bragg could criminally charge him for it.


Now that Trump is making social media posts depicting violence against Bragg, Jim Jordan suddenly doesn’t want to talk about it. When asked to respond to Trump’s post, Jordan said he couldn’t see it because he didn’t have his glasses on:


This sounds like a punchline from The Onion or something, but it really really happened. Jim Jordan is one of those bully-cowards who loves to run his mouth and stomp his feet right up until things get serious, and then suddenly he has nothing to say at all.

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