Donald Trump descent into delusional madness is complete as the end nears for him

Donald Trump is holding a “campaign rally” today in Waco, Texas, for a 2024 campaign that essentially only exists on paper, and is in reality little more than an attempt at distracting from the criminal indictments that are coming against him.


It’s revealing that even as Trump was traveling to Waco today so he could pretend to be a candidate, he was busy obsessively posting on social media about his indictments. The kicker is that Trump has now decided (based on nothing at all) that the Manhattan DA’s case against him is “dead.” Really? That’s news to us. Trump is even fantasizing that the DA will instead take legal action against Michael Cohen. No really, Trump is that far gone.


Meanwhile back in the real world, major news outlets are reporting that the Manhattan DA and the grand jury are expected to resume their work in the Trump case on Monday. So much for Trump’s delusional fantasy about it being “dead.” Trump knows he’s getting indicted soon and that the end is near, and he’s just trying to convince himself otherwise.

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