This is just sad for Donald Trump

Donald Trump, a one-trick pony who always does the same thing in every situation without regard for whether it’s a good idea, now finds himself in a situation he’s never been in before: criminal indictment. He just deleted a violent post he made days ago about the Manhattan DA, presumably after someone around him explained to him that such rhetoric will only motivate the judge to give him harsher pretrial conditions at his arraignment.


But even as Trump spends the day not making any new violent social media posts, he’s still embarrassing himself. Trump has now been reduced to posting the results of a “2024 poll” that shows him supposedly beating Ron DeSantis by 45 points. The source of this poll? A troll named “cat turd” conducted a Twitter poll. No really, a Twitter poll. From a guy named cat turd.


This is what Donald Trump is reducing himself to in the hope of convincing himself (and others, but mainly himself) that he’s somehow going to be a viable candidate in the 2024 election while going through multiple criminal indictments, arrests, trials, convictions, and prison sentences. Good luck!

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