It’s not just George Santos, turns out Marjorie Taylor Greene has a campaign finance scandal too

Even as House Republican George Santos is being criminally indicted by the DOJ in relation to his campaign finances, it turns out he’s not the only House Republican with a campaign finance scandal to worry about.


Daily Beast is reporting that Milo Yiannopoulos used Marjorie Taylor Greene’s campaign credit card to pay for a website domain registration for Kanye West’s potential 2024 presidential campaign. If that sounds like a game of Mad Libs for idiots, you’re not mistaken. But it’s also a serious campaign finance violation on someone’s part.


Not only was this purchase improper, Milo apparently then over-billed Kanye for thousands of dollars when it came time for the reimbursement. This raises a lot of questions. Was Milo intentionally trying to defraud Kanye? And more importantly, did Majorie Taylor Greene know about the whole thing? Feels like someone in this story is in some degree of legal hot water. And as we just saw with George Santos, fraudulent campaign finances can potentially get you criminally indicted.

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