Donald Trump goes bonkers in all directions as prosecutors come at him in all sides

Imagine you’re just a few hours from being arrested and arraigned on criminal charges, and you’re busy ranting about an entirely different prosecutor in an entirely different case who’s also closing in on criminally charging you.


That’s the predicament that Donald Trump is in right now. On Monday night he attacked Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, called him a thug, and demanded that he be indicted. Then Trump turned around and attacked DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith, called him a thug, and demanded that he be indicted. You see the pattern here, right?


If something were running right now that reminded Trump that Fulton County DA Fani Willis is also on the verge of indicting Trump, he’d probably be calling her a thug and demanding that she be indicted as well.

Donald Trump is a broken record at this point. And he doesn’t even know who to attack, because he’s taking heat from all sides.

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