Donald Trump has unhinged “magadonians” meltdown as it all falls apart for him

The news just keeps getting worse for Donald Trump, and he keeps falling apart in worse fashion accordingly. This week we learned that Jack Smith has built his criminal case around a recording of Trump discussing a classified document. Trump isn’t taking the news well – and he’s so far gone he’s making up words.


Trump started his day by whining about the fact that even Fox News is strategically turning against him as he nears his end. Trump insisted that the “VERY SMART, EVEN BRILLIANT, MAGADONIANS” know what’s really going on. Then he declared himself the “greatest” President to ever put on a suit and tie (huh?).


Then just to make sure everyone knew that he had no idea what he was saying, Trump made another post declaring that “WE ARE MAGADONIANS.” Because hey, if you’re reduced to making up a fake word, you should probably use it multiple times.

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