Donald Trump has bonkers meltdown as Jack Smith closes in on indicting him too

When it rains it pours. When you’re a career criminal like Donald Trump who’s finally being brought to justice after a lifetime of crime, it’s about to rain indictments. Even as Trump surrenders himself for arrest in Manhattan on Tuesday, news is breaking that suggests DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith is nearing indictment as well.


On Monday the Washington Post reported that Jack Smith is having Secret Service agents testify against Donald Trump to the grand jury this Friday. It points to just how close to the finish line Smith appears to be.


Now Trump is throwing a fit on his failed social media site, accusing Jack Smith of leaking information, incoherently ranting about Chinatown, using terms like Washington ComPost, and randomly claiming that “Jack Smith” isn’t his real name.

Donald Trump is also calling for Jack Smith to criminally prosecuted, hours after calling for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to “indict himself.” Trump really is a broken record at this point.

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