Donald Trump appears to tip off that damning new evidence is about to surface in one of his criminal scandals

You know it’s bad for Donald Trump when you mention something about the criminal charges he’s facing, and then you have to remember to specify which of the numerous criminal cases against Trump you’re talking about.


In this instance we’re not sure which criminal scandal Trump is talking about in the warning he just posted on his social network, but he appears to be very concerned about it. Specifically he insisted that the media is “going start leaking soon and keep trying to ‘surprise’ people with ‘evidence.'”


Yeah, we all know how dastardly and unfair it is for Trump when people use evidence of his guilt to make him look bad. The nerve of this guy. But it sure feels like Trump is trying to get out ahead of something. He must be expecting some damning new evidence to surface any minute now in one of his criminal scandals.

Keep in mind that when major news outlets are about to publish investigative articles about someone like Donald Trump, they’ll often ask him if he wants to provide comment for the story shortly before it runs. Maybe Trump just got one of those phone calls, and he’s trying to get out ahead of what he knows is about to drop.

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