Donald Trump has unhinged maniacal meltdown after it becomes clear that Jack Smith has him nailed

Yesterday the U.S. Court of Appeals denied Donald Trump’s request to block Mike Pence from testifying against him the DOJ grand jury, meaning Special Counsel Jack Smith is now at the very end of the indictment process. Pence is likely the last witness left, and once he testifies, that’s the ballgame.


Trump seems to know how bad this is for him. Today he posted a completely unhinged video in which he rants and raves about more than a thousand imaginary boxes of classified documents that Joe Biden supposedly hid in Chinatown. Trump then goes on to trash Jack Smith, his wife, and his entire family.


It’s clear that Donald Trump now expects Mike Pence to testify against him in Jack Smith’s case very soon, and that Trump expects to be indicted soon as well. Of course once he’s indicted by the DOJ and ends up in front of a federal judge, he’ll face a gag order much more quickly than in Manhattan. Federal law allows judges to drop that hammer far more easily.

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