“Into the wood chipper” – Donald Trump goes absolutely bonkers about Ron DeSantis

Now that a judge has threatened criminal penalties if Donald Trump keeps making in appropriate social media posts about his E. Jean Carroll trial, Trump is instead taking out his frustrations on other topics. Suffice it to say that it’s all just as unhinged.


Trump is now using his social media site to share a bizarre rant from one of his supporters, claiming that even if DeSantis won the 2024 Republican nomination, “there wouldn’t be one true Trump supporter left that would vote for him and he would be destroyed in a general election. This is a losing proposition no matter how you look at it, so why on earth would he voluntarily run head on into the wood chipper?”


Head on into the wood chipper? Really? Why is it that Donald Trump’s social media stuff so often involves extremely violent metaphors? Wait, we know exactly why. Trump is a dangerously violent criminal. But at this point, with Trump’s own world falling apart one trial at a time, he very much appears to be trying to ensure that if anyone else ends up with the 2024 Republican nomination that person will lose. So be it.

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