Leaked documents add more fuel to the suspicion that Vladimir Putin could be gravely ill

When it comes to the noise surrounding Vladimir Putin, it can be difficult to tell what’s real and what’s just subterfuge. At the least, the constant media claims about his supposedly failing health – at a time when he rarely appears in public and looks and behaves strangely whenever he does – are a sign of just how vulnerable he is.


But now the New York Times is reporting on leaked documents detailing how one Ukrainian official told another that Putin is undergoing chemotherapy, and that Putin’s people were looking at trying to overthrow him while he was getting treatment.


The NY Times is careful to point out that these leaked documents don’t necessarily mean that the Ukrainian official’s claims about Putin’s health are true. But the mere fact that documents like this are leaking, and that conversations like this are apparently going on behind the scenes, will only add more fuel to the suspicion that Putin could be dying.

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