These new numbers are just ugly for Donald Trump

There’s this laughable notion in the pundit sphere that Donald Trump can get criminally indicted in multiple jurisdictions, and his 2024 “campaign” will somehow benefit from it. But back in the real world nothing works that way. Even before Trump is convicted and sent to prison, Republican primary voters outside his base will begin to get more skittish about whether he’s too compromised to function as a candidate.


New numbers make clear that. 56% of Americans now support the criminal prosecution of Donald Trump, according to one new poll. On the other end of things, just 23% of Americans now think Trump did “nothing wrong” in these criminal scandals.


This means Donald Trump, who’s out there insisting that he indeed did “nothing wrong,” is already at a point where he can’t even get one fourth of the country to agree with him on that. And that’s before he gets indicted, arrested, arraigned, and has a criminal trial scheduled. These new numbers are ugly for Trump, and they’ll only get uglier. He’s not gonna make it 2024.

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