Trump supporter arrested after knife-wielding altercation outside Trump Tower

Donald Trump called for mass protests in response to his impending criminal indictment, and plainly implied that he wanted wide scale violence. But because he no longer controls any law enforcement agencies and can’t run interference for his supporters like he did on January 6th, they know that they wouldn’t stand a chance against the overwhelming law enforcement presence.


That said, the most disturbed individuals within Trump’s base can still be expected to attempt individual acts of violence. That happened today when a Trump supporter, who was protesting outside Trump Tower, allegedly wielded a knife during an altercation with a woman who was pushing a stroller and was arrested for it:


Because really, what says “You should all support my guy Trump” more than using a knife to threaten a woman with a baby stroller? But this incident went nowhere because the overwhelming law enforcement presence was all over it. And good luck to Trump explaining all of this to the judge during his arraignment hearing. Even though no one was injured, Trump still intentionally incited this incident – something the judge will understand clearly.

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