Weak turnout for Donald Trump

When he first learned he was going to be criminally indicted and arrested in Manhattan, Donald Trump begged his supporters to take to the streets in protest. Very few did. Now that Trump has been indicted and is being forced to surrender himself for arrest and arraignment, he made a big deal out of promoting his trip from Florida to New York today.


Trump was clearly hoping that large numbers of people would turn out to show him support today. So far it looks like that’s not happening. Michael Cohen of all people posted this screen capture of television footage of Trump’s motorcade heading to the airport:


Cohen is obviously being sarcastic. As you can see in the image, not many people turned out at all. And this was in Florida, where Donald Trump claims he’s beloved. Trump is unlikely to find much more support when he gets to New York City, where he’s long been widely hated. Bottom line: Trump’s supporters appear to have become as tired and listless as he is.

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