Donald Trump gives his rally speech, but no one is watching

Donald Trump flew all the way to Waco today to a give a speech at a political rally aimed at convincing everyone that he’s going to be a 2024 candidate and not a 2024 inmate. One little problem: no one is watching.


Sure, there are some people on the ground. But the point of a rally speech like this is to get it on television, so it can impact public perception. But none of the major cable news networks – not MSNBC, not CNN, and not even Fox News – are currently airing it.


We’re told that some of the minor niche far right propaganda TV channels are airing the speech, but that’s irrelevant. Trump needed to goad the major cable news channels into concluding that they had no choice but to air his speech today because he’s a “2024 candidate.” Their refusal to air it is an acknowledgment on their part that they know he’s not actually a candidate for anything.

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