The joke’s on Donald Trump

Before the news broke on Wednesday night that Allen Weisselberg had parted ways with his Trump-funded attorneys, suggesting the possibility that he’s cutting a cooperation deal, Donald Trump was all but ready to pop the champagne over on his failed social network.


Trump had spent the day going on and on about the newfound respect he had for the grand jurors in the Manhattan DA case, because as he saw it, they were refusing to indict him. Trump even put the words “we are not a rubber stamp” in the grand jury’s mouth, as he portrayed them as heroically standing up against the DA’s overreach or something.


The thing is, even before the Weisselberg news broke, Trump’s interpretation of events was already laughable. When the DA didn’t meet with the grand jury on Wednesday, it wasn’t because grand jury was refusing to indict Trump. That’s now it works. The grand jury simply needs to see enough to decide that a trial is warranted – and the DA is already miles past that threshold.

At no point was there any basis for Trump to conclude that the minor procedural delays in the Manhattan DA’s case were somehow a sign of the grand jury revolting. That was nothing but pure delusion on his part. Either he’s so deep into hallucinatory hope that he’s inventing scenarios in his head, or he’s so deep into senility that his attorneys are feeding him this crap and he’s buying it. Take your pick.

Either way the joke is on Donald Trump. He’s sitting there resorting to delusional hope as a strategy – and that’s not a strategy. No wonder Weisselberg is cutting bait. Trump is a goner anyway.

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