Jim Jordan blows it, ends up revealing just how ugly the Manhattan indictment against Donald Trump is

As of Thursday, all we knew about Donald Trump’s criminal indictment was that it included 34 counts according to CNN, and that at least one of them was a felony charge according to the Wall Street Journal. It’s not clear how these news outlets got this information. But aside from these details, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg was remaining quiet about the yet to be unsealed indictment.


Then House Republican Jim Jordan stepped to the plate. He began trying to harass and intimidate Bragg, demanding that he come to Congress and testify, and so on. In response, the general counsel for the Manhattan DA’s office fired back, with a letter explaining that Jordan has no standing whatsoever.


But the letter went beyond that. As MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell explained on air on Friday night, the letter from the Manhattan DA’s office confirmed that Trump has been indicted for “crimes.” Not a crime, but crimes. O’Donnell thinks this may mean that the charges against Trump are for multiple criminal acts, not just 34 charges related to the hush money scandal. So this could be broader than we knew.

Of course we wouldn’t know this if Jim Jordan hadn’t tried prying into the Manhattan DA’s business. Not only did Jordan get nowhere by trying to intimidate the DA, he gave th DA’s office an excuse to hint at the breadth of the charges Trump is facing. Oops.

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