Donald Trump has incoherently senile meltdown during Sean Hannity interview

Donald Trump’s CPAC speech and Waco rally haven’t done anything to convince the general public to see him as a presidential candidate instead of a washed up criminal suspect, so now Trump has sat down with Sean Hannity to try to change the narrative.


Hannity is as friendly a face as Trump can find, and it was a pre-taped interview which gave Trump even more of a cushion. But Trump still merely ended up incoherently rambling about how President Biden supposedly had boxes of classified documents in Chinatown, and that this… somehow proves that Biden is on the take from China? Does Trump know that Chinatown isn’t in China?


At another point during the interview, Trump began rambling about how a “garage door that you can buy for $179 and you can cut it with scissors.” Yes, he really is that far gone.

But if Donald Trump wants to keep talking about the specifics of his criminal scandals, then by all means he should keep doing so. He’s just handing prosecutors additional material that they may be able to use against him at trial.

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