Tucker Carlson hires attorney after Fox News fires him

Fox News fired Tucker Carlson, its highest rated and most profitable host, today. We’re all still waiting for more details about why it happened. In the meantime, Carlson is apparently saddling up – against Fox News.


Carlson has hired a “famously aggressive entertainment lawyer,” per a tweet from Brian Stelter. This suggests that Carlson intends to try to force Fox News to pay him the remainder of his contract, or some portion of it, or is exploring some kind of big dollar wrongful termination suit, or something along those lines.


While we wait to see precisely what this crazy story is all about, it sure looks like Tucker Carlson is preparing to go to war against Fox News. Now we’ll have to see if Fox pays off Carlson to make him go away, or if he starts airing out the network’s dirty laundry.

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