Donald Trump goes berserk after Fox News fires Tucker Carlson

In a stunning twist, Fox News has now fired its most popular and profitable host, Tucker Carlson, effective immediately. Even as we wait for details on why this is happening, Donald Trump doesn’t appear to be taking the news particularly well.


Trump hasn’t directly addressed Carlson’s firing. But right after the news broke, Trump has a social media meltdown addressed to “all of those media fools who say everything was on the up and up with the 2020 Presidential Election,” after which he went on to spew even more unhinged conspiracy theories than ever.


Trump has been losing allies left and right of late, and now he’s losing the biggest mouthpiece he had on television. After all, Tucker Carlson helped lead the way in pushing the lunatic claim that Trump secretly won the 2020 election. No wonder Trump is leaning even more heavily into conspiracy theories than ever. It’s all he has left.

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