Donald Trump made payoff in 2016 to silence doorman’s claim that Trump had fathered a secret child

Today’s Manhattan criminal charges against Donald Trump include payments that were made (and illegally covered up) to silence women that Trump allegedly had affairs with. But the criminal charges also reference a third payment that Trump made to pay off a doorman who claimed to know that Trump had fathered a secret child.


This payment doesn’t prove that Trump has a secret child. It only means that he felt the doorman’s story would have been seen as credible and damaging enough by the voting public, that he was willing to pay $30,000 to keep the doorman from going public with that story.


But this is nothing new. The doorman / secret child story was being kicked around in the media back in 2016. It just died off because it was never substantiated. Now we know why: Trump paid off the doorman not to come forward. Then Trump illegally covered up that payment, so the public wouldn’t know that he paid off the doorman. Now Trump has been criminally charged for that coverup.

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