Donald Trump’s attorneys swing and miss in bizarre press conference after his arraignment

After Donald Trump’s arrest and arraignment on Tuesday, his criminal defense attorneys held an impromptu press conference with reporters, which was broadcast live on television. Suffice it to say that their performance was underwhelming.


Trump’s lawyers started off by saying that “You don’t expect this to happen to somebody who was the President of the United States.” Really? If that’s the rhetoric they’re settling for, then they’ve got no argument to make of any kind.


One of Trump’s lawyers also claimed that “there’s nothing” in the indictment, and that it “doesn’t allege any crime.” Uh, really? We checked, and it includes thirty-four felony counts. This entire press conference is just bizarre.

Trump’s lawyers are also trying to spin the judge’s warning to Trump about inappropriate social media posts, by suggesting that the judge was generically talking about everyone involved in the case. Trump attorney Joe Tacopina also tried to claim that Trump didn’t actually post an image of himself taking a baseball bat to the Manhattan DA, even after we all saw the post.

Tacopina also declared that “the rule of law died in this country.” That’s cute. But polling shows that a clear majority of Americans see this indictment in precisely the opposite way.

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