Rudy Giuliani goes off the deep end about not getting to be Donald Trump’s criminal defense attorney

Even as Donald Trump now finds himself a criminal defendant for the first time in his life, he’s managed to surround himself with some of his most inept attorneys yet. Some of them are on TV screwing up his potential trial defenses. Some of them have ended up being forced to testify against him to grand juries. But now one of Trump’s former attorneys is speaking up, and reminding everyone that he might be the worst attorney Trump ever had.


That’s right, Rudy Giuliani has now popped up on a right wing cable news outlet and newly making a fool of himself. Giuliani is insisting that when he was suspended from practicing law, it was part of a plot to keep him from being able to continue representing Trump now that he’s being indicted:


There are just so many things wrong here with what Rudy is claiming, we’re not sure what to do with it. For starters, Rudy wasn’t suspended from practicing law because he represented Trump. He was suspended because he knowingly made an endless string of false filings with the courts in an effort to overthrow the 2020 election. In addition, Trump got rid of Giuliani as his attorney long before Giuliani was suspended from practicing law.

As tends to be the case with conspiracy theorists, the claims being made by Rudy Giuliani don’t even fit with the most basic of facts, and are easily disproven. If anything, Giuliani – who has become such an embarrassing punchline that most of his own former allies have since run away from him – is simply creating an imaginary version of his downfall in which it’s somehow the fault of some big conspiracy against him. This may make Rudy feel better about things, but it certainly doesn’t improve his embarrassing situation any.

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