Donald Trump has completely senile “nuclear warming” meltdown

Now that Donald Trump is finally facing the music in the criminal justice system, he’s desperately trying to get people to see him as a political candidate instead of a criminal defendant. The trouble for Trump is that he comes off as more senile with every public appearance, and his new interview with Tucker Carlson didn’t help.


Even with a friendly Carlson trying to keep him on track, Trump couldn’t function. He became obsessed at one point with nuclear weapons and even declared that “there are two n-words.” No really, he said this:


Trump also claimed that “nuclear warming” is a far bigger problem than global warming, and he wonders why no one is talking about it:

Malcolm Nance put it bluntly:

Can we stop pretending Donald Trump has any brain cells left in his head? The guy’s a senile broken blob at this point, and we should all just say so.

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