Donald Trump tries desperate last ditch stunt

Hope springs eternal, and when you’re so screwed that hope is all you have left to hold onto, it can turn into delusion – especially if you’re as mentally deranged as Donald Trump.


With the Manhattan grand jury reportedly set to resume the process of criminally indicting him on Monday, Trump is trying out a new tactic: just randomly claim it’s not going to happen, and see who’s willing to print it.


On Saturday night, Trump told reporters aboard his plane that he thinks the Manhattan criminal case has been “dropped.” To be clear, if this were true, Trump would be the very last person to have that kind of inside information. Either he’s making it up to try to convince himself that he’s off the hook, or his babysitters made it up and fed it to him in order to keep his spirits up.

Either way, political news site Axios managed to vomit out an article with this headline:

Trump suggests DA “dropped” Stormy case

The article goes on to more or less admit that Trump has no basis for making such a claim, but the misleading headline alone will help put Trump’s false claim out there as if it were true.

Folks on Twitter were far less than happy with the Axios headline, replying to it with things like “pathetic” and “Trump is a liar. You guys need to stop being so credulous about what he & his minions say.”

Twitter user Jim Gath made perhaps the most important point of all: “Why there are legit reporters aboard his plane is ludicrous.”

Meanwhile it’s pretty clear just how desperate Donald Trump and his babysitters are. You can’t just randomly announce that prosecutors have decided to let you off the hook and cause it to somehow magically come true. Unfortunately, because the media is still so far up Trump’s backside, his last ditch desperation will fool a lot of folks out there into believing that he really is off the hook – until of course he’s indicted anyway.

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