Donald Trump’s bizarre response to Tucker Carlson’s firing

After Fox News abruptly fired Tucker Carlson yesterday morning, Donald Trump quickly began using social media to hype the same unhinged conspiracy theories about the 2020 election that helped get Carlson in trouble. But Trump never did address Carlson’s firing directly.


Then half a day later, by which time everyone had noticed that Trump hadn’t said anything about Carlson’s firing, Trump (or more likely one of his babysitters) posted a generic message about how it was a “big blow to cable news.”


Really? That’s all Donald Trump can muster about a guy like Tucker Carlson, who carried his water on live television every night for years? Maybe Trump got wind of the reporting that behind the scenes at Fox News, Carlson loved telling people how much he hated Trump. Or maybe Trump is just too wrapped up in his own problems. But his belated and muted response to this firing – which if nothing else he could be using to try to rally his base – is almost bizarre. Trump just keeps missing opportunities. Then again, he’s been mailing it in for two-plus years. He’s barely there.

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