Manhattan DA’s office could still have “something else up their sleeve” against Donald Trump

When Donald Trump was arraigned in court today, the judge announced that the next scheduled in-person meeting in the case wouldn’t be until December. It’s a reminder that while Manhattan is the first jurisdiction to indict Trump, it may not be the first jurisdiction to put him on trial. But then something interesting happened.


Even the judge remarked that it long amount of time, and yet the prosecutors in the case made no effort to get the timeframe moved up. Legal pundit Andrew Weissman just said on MSNBC that he takes this as a sign that the Manhattan DA’s office could have “something else up their sleeve” against Trump that would cause it to want to wait this long, and that this could potentially be a superseding indictment.


This would explain why today’s thirty-four felony counts against Donald Trump are based on conspiracy, but didn’t include conspiracy charges. So yeah, Trump could still be facing even more criminal charges in Manhattan. Stay tuned.

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