Donald Trump has bonkers meltdown after even the Wall Street Journal turns against him

You’d think right wing publications like the Wall Street Journal would stick with Donald Trump until the bitter end. But that’s not really how it works. Major news outlets each tend to have their own political ideology and leanings, but that’s just a means to an end.


Major news outlets exist to turn a profit, not to advance a partisan agenda. And sometimes that means even right wing outlets have to strategically against a collapsing Republican figure like Donald Trump, in the name of retaining relative credibility with their audience. So it’s no surprise that Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan is now slamming Trump.


Nor is is surprising that Trump is lashing out in frustration. He’s not posting on social media that “Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Globalist Journal, who just can’t get out of her head the whole “TRUMP THING,” and the fact that I turned out to be right so many times, with so little regard for her views and thoughts”… blah blah blah blah … “Marxists & Fascists” … blah blah blah … “illegally continue the use of the DOJ & FBI” … blah blah blah.

The specifics of Trump’s ranting aren’t as important as the fact that he now feels compelled to attack the Wall Street Journal, because the Wall Street Journal feels like it has to throw him under the bus. Trump is losing on all sides – and attacking everyone on all sides isn’t going to save him.

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