“Dead man walking” – Donald Trump goes off the deep end about Fox News turning against him

Even though the mainstream media is still pretending Donald Trump is going to be in the 2024 election instead of federal prison, because that narrative is better for ratings right now, the media is starting to hedge its bets because it knows Trump’s DOJ criminal indictment is coming soon.


Even Trump sees it. He’s now using his social media site to bash Fox News for starting to give up on him, labeling Fox the “DeSanctimonious Network.” Trump is insisting that DeSantis was a “dead man walking” before he latched onto Trump a few years ago. Trump is also claiming that DeSantis “pretty close” to being a “dead man walking” walking again.


Trump’s jealous rant about Fox’s coverage of DeSantis is a bit weird, given that Fox hasn’t exactly been hyping DeSantis’ prospects all that much lately. But Trump knows the wind is blowing away from him.

Curiously, after Donald Trump mistakenly referred to Ron DeSantis as “Rob” twice yesterday, he’s now leaving DeSantis’ first name out of his social media rants entirely. Is Trump really so far gone that he no longer remembers what DeSantis’ first name is?

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