Donald Trump begins attacking Fox News after it admits the truth about his crappy 2024 prospects

Being put on criminal trial in three jurisdictions, and being sent to prison, will certainly finish off Donald Trump’s 2024 pipe dream when it happens. But the specter of Trump’s criminal worsening criminal problems, and questions about whether he’ll even be available for the general election, are likely to sink his 2024 hopes before prison bars can.


To that end, even Fox News is now admitting that Trump is weak in the polls. It’s a reminder that even Fox has to try to retain relative credibility with its audience of dummies.


Trump isn’t taking it very well. He’s now using his social network to accuse Fox News of somehow conspiring with CNN to falsify the polls or something? Trump’s rant is pretty incoherent, so it’s hard to tell. But he appears to be claiming that he’s somehow ahead of President Biden in 2024 polling by nine points, which is laugh out loud ridiculous. Delusion is all Trump has left, and even that’s failing him.

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