Former Trump White House official says Donald Trump will be gone from 2024 race before Iowa caucus

Most of the media is still pushing the notion that Donald Trump will be a viable 2024 presidential candidate even though he’s being criminally indicted in three jurisdictions, will be put on criminal trial three times, and will likely be sentenced to prison well before election day. No one has quite explained how he’s going to pull that feat off.


But former Trump White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who actually knows Donald Trump, has a different take. Scaramucci appeared on the 11pm MSNBC show and pointed out that after Trump’s arraignment he gave a “dour, repetitive speech … nothing in there of the usual fight that Mr. Trump has had over the years … no family members were in there in that court room with him.”


Scaramucci went on to explain that in spite of Trump’s narcissistic insistence on running his family like a reality show, he’s still got to be stung by the fact that his family is no longer at his side – “which makes me think he eventually withdraws from this race.” He added that he doesn’t think Trump will even make it to Iowa before dropping out.

Scaramucci further added that he’s skeptical about Trump’s claim that he’s raised $10 million since his indictment, because Trump’s base is much smaller than it once was. Trump’s shrinking support base is also something that most of the media is loathe to acknowledge. But all you need to do is look at Trump’s meager 55% in 2024 Republican primary polling to see that his support base is far more tenuous than the media likes to imply.

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