Former Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance just gave a boost to Alvin Bragg in his prosecution of Donald Trump

When it was announced that former Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance would be appearing on an MSNBC Sunday morning show, it raised questions about just what he could have to say about current Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s criminal case against Donald Trump. We haven’t heard much from Vance since he left office, so where would he come down on any of what’s transpired since?


So it’s notable that Vance used today’s interview to plant himself firmly in Bragg’s corner. Vance revealed that he wanted to go after Trump on these same hush money charges years ago, but that then-Attorney General Bill Barr ordered his office to stand down. In other words, Trump’s already thin argument about the statute of limitations is now out the window, given that Trump’s own appointee illegally intervened to keep Trump from being charged back when Manhattan prosecutors first wanted to do so.


Vance also revealed today that the case that he and Mark Pomerantz had been building against Donald Trump was not yet complete at the time Bragg took office. In other words, when Bragg decided not to file charges against Trump at that time, Bragg wasn’t dragging his feet; the case truly wasn’t ready yet.

But the biggest boost that Vance may have given Bragg today was when he said that Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks and threats against Bragg are a crime unto themselves. If Trump’s antics continue after his arraignment, and Bragg ends up having to make an argument to the judge that a gag order or house arrest is necessary, Bragg may be able to use Vance’s words as validation.

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