Donald Trump just unwittingly gave away how powerless he is to stop his own downfall

Donald Trump woke up today and decided that his Easter morning message should simply be a call for “World War III” on his own failed social network. As deranged and disturbing as this is, it also gives something else away.


What’s remarkable is that a former President of the United States can call for “World War III” like this, and nothing has come of it. No war has erupted. No one has taken to the streets. Militaries and foreign governments aren’t positioning themselves for fear that World War III will happen as a result of Trump having called for it.


That’s because everyone knows what this is. Donald Trump is just a cornered criminal who knows he’s going down, and who keeps trying increasingly desperate stunts – calling for violence, and now calling for war – in the hope it’ll somehow magically save him. But all this is doing is giving away that Trump can’t move the needle no matter what he tries. In that sense, he’s become just that irrelevant.

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