Donald Trump suffers social media malfunction

When the day began on Easter Sunday, Donald Trump was busy using his own failed social network to call for “World War III.” By the middle of the day he was ranting so frantically and obsessively about the DOJ’s classified documents criminal case against him, you’d think he’d just found out he was already indicted under seal or something.


But it was the very end of Easter Sunday when Trump his most unwittingly fitting social media post of all. At 11:50pm, he posted what appears to be a video clip of a Fox News talking head defending him. But as of an hour and a half later, the video was still broken, with the error message “Waiting to upload video to storage.”


It may be a small thing, but it’s oddly fitting. At the end of a day in which Donald Trump unwittingly revealed his own inability to get his remaining supporters to rally to his defense (none of them took him up on his call to start World War III), and unwittingly revealed that he thinks he’s getting indicted by the DOJ any day now, Trump’s final attempted statement of the day got screwed up by the crappiness of his own broken social network.

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