Who paid George Santos’ bail?

When House Republican George Santos was criminally indicted on thirteen felony counts and arrested, someone paid his bail, allowing him to remain out of prison (with significant travel restrictions) while awaiting trial.


Santos himself appears to be broke – as is often the case with grifters, who tend to live from stolen paycheck to stolen paycheck, so to speak. In fact one of Santos’ attorneys reportedly quit last week, citing the fact that Santos couldn’t pay him anymore. So who paid Santos’ sizable bail?


The New York Times would like to know the answer to precisely that question, and is now filing in court to try to get the name revealed. It sure will be interesting to find out who paid to (temporarily) keep George Santos out of prison. Some observers on social media have speculated that House Republicans may be responsible for the bail money, because they need Santos to remain free to keep voting with them. We’ll see.

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