Donald Trump just can’t help himself, digs an even deeper legal hole

It lasted a day and a half. That’s how long Donald Trump was able to remain on track, and refrain from attacking the people involved with his criminal prosecution, after someone in his circle apparently managed to scare him into behaving.


Trump just can’t help himself. Today he’s back to calling for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to be “put in jail.” Trump may think that he’s getting away with this because he’s technically sharing words that were originally written by Rand Paul. But Trump is endorsing these words by sharing them on his own social media page.


Donald Trump has now firmly put himself back on track to end up being gag ordered in the Manhattan criminal case. The judge won’t want to do that unless Trump pushes the limits and makes it an obvious decision for the judge. But Trump now seems intent on making it an easy call. He’s digging himself an even deeper legal hole with every new social media post.

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