Lauren Boebert makes major blunder during House hearing

House Republicans just barely won the majority, and now they may be wishing they hadn’t. They now get to control the topics of House committee hearings and pick the majority of the witnesses. But these hearings are merely helping to demonstrate to the general public that these House Republicans aren’t fit to govern.


Take, for instance, Lauren Boebert’s insistence in a new House hearing that people are no longer showing up to work because of the Biden administration. There was only one little problem, which was that the statistics were from a year in which Trump was still President:


It’s not a surprise to see Boebert try to spin up a lie like this; it’s the kind of thing that she and her House Republican colleagues have been consistently doing for the past few years. What stands out is just how incompetently this lie was delivered. It was done in a way that allowed the witness to immediately shoot it down and put the scandal right back onto a Republican President – in front of television cameras for all to see.

These House Republicans were better off when they were in the minority. They could just tweet their lies into the ether, get their base to retweet it and believe it, and that was that. But now that Lauren Boebert and her Republican colleagues are tasked with running public hearings, they’re merely tripping over their own lies. They’re in way over their heads.

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