Donald Trump hits the panic button

Yesterday Donald Trump briefly tried really hard to convince us all that he thought he somehow wouldn’t end up criminally indicted in Manhattan. But the thing about delusional hope is that it doesn’t last because it isn’t real. Sure enough, today Trump is back to angrily expressing his expectation that he will be indicted.


Just how had are things getting in Trump’s head? Well, there was this social media post: “HOW DO YOU INDICT A PERSON WHO HAS’NT DONE ANYTHING WRONG, AND YOU KNOW THAT PERSON HAS’NT DONE ANYTHING WRONG???”


We’re not sure if the capital letters or the three question marks are more hyperbolic. But we do know that the blatant misplacement of apostrophes is what makes it art.

In other posts today, Trump is reduced to ranting about how the Manhattan DA would “rather indict an innocent man and create years of hatred, chaos, and turmoil, than give him his well deserved “freedom.””

Well okay then. We’re still not sure why Trump randomly puts words like “freedom” in quotation marks for no reason. But it’s telling that Trump is now reduced to threatening years of chaos and such if he’s indicted, when in reality most Americans want him in prison so the chaos he likes to incite will finally be over.

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