Jack Smith may have just gained the biggest cooperator of all against Donald Trump

Even as DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith has been putting people like Evan Corcoran and Stephen Miller in front of a grand jury to testify against Donald Trump, a new development has been playing out.


Boris Epshteyn has been a close Trump political adviser from 2015 all the way to present day, one of the few who have been present for the entire ride (and Trump’s entire crime spree). But Jack Smith isn’t putting Epshteyn in front of the grand jury, at least not right now. Instead Smith and his team reportedly interviewed Epshteyn on Thursday, and again on Friday.


It’s one thing to just put someone in front of a grand jury, which anyone who’s been subpoenaed is legally required to do. It’s another to interview them away from the grand jury. No one is legally required to participate in such an interview. And to come back for a second day suggests a desire to cooperate. Given that Boris has been there with Trump the entire time, this would probably make him the biggest cooperator of all.

So now we wait to find out to find out what Boris Epshteyn’s seemingly voluntary cooperation is all about. Is he trying to get some kind of immunity deal out of this in order to insulate himself while throwing Trump under the bus? Something big is afoot here. And given how close Jack Smith seemingly is to the end of the indictment process, something like this isn’t going to play out at this late date unless it’s something major.

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