Donald Trump goes berserk after Bill Barr says Trump is “toast”

Nearly every legal expert agrees that the DOJ’s criminal indictment against Donald Trump is a comprehensive slam dunk case. Even Trump’s former Attorney General Bill Barr said on TV this weekend that even if half of what’s in the indictment is true, Trump is “toast.”


Trump isn’t taking it well. He launched into an angry and frustrated tirade on social media, falsely claiming that “virtually everyone” says the indictment is illegitimate except Bill Barr. Trump accuses Barr is being a “disgruntled former employee” and a “Gutless Pig.” Well okay then.


What Trump doesn’t seem to get – or maybe he does – is that everyone sees he’s going down. Those who want to end up with any shred of relevance or credibility in a post Trump world are going to try to distance themselves from him. That even includes someone as shameless as Bill Barr.

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