Donald Trump’s new attorney crashes and burns on live television

Now that most of Donald Trump’s remaining attorneys have gotten themselves in legal hot water in the DOJ’s classified documents criminal investigation, Trump has obtained a new attorney in the new year named Joe Tacopina. This is crucial given that Trump is just a few days from being criminally indicted for fraud in Manhattan, and is expected to be indicted in Georgia shortly thereafter.


The trouble for Trump: this new attorney doesn’t appear to be any better at this than Trump’s last several attorneys. Joe Tacopina appeared on the Ari Melber show on MSNBC on Tuesday. We don’t normally approve of giving live airtime to Trump’s attorneys, given that they usually just try to spread wall to wall false claims, and that no interviewer can possibly hope to correct them all in real time. But Tacopina’s appearance on the Melber show was a bit different in that it did appear to reveal Trump’s strategy – or lack of a strategy.


After Trump’s new attorney told a particular lie, Melber picked up a piece of paper of his desk, which he said contained the real truth. Instead of allowing Melber to read aloud from the paper, Trump’s attorney responded by twice trying to gently push the paper back to the desk. It wasn’t a physical confrontation by any means – but it made the attorney look idiotic:

Does Donald Trump’s new lawyer honestly believe that this kind of approach is somehow a viable strategy for helping his client get acquitted on felony charges? Is Trump telling this guy to act like this? Is Trump too far gone to understand how badly this is all going to backfire on him? We’ll see. But at a time when Trump needs competent lawyering far more than at any previous point in his life, this… isn’t it.

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