Donald Trump has berserk meltdown after Durham probe falls to pieces

Donald Trump really seemed to believe that the Durham probe was somehow magically going to vindicate him, or help him in some way, or change a single mind out there. That’s weird, given how obvious it was at the time that Bill Barr was only appointing Durham to placate Trump. But then when you’re as senile and screwed as Trump is, it’s easy enough to fall for anything.


Still, after a few social media posts today aimed at spinning the demise of the Durham probe as a win for him, even Trump seems to be figuring out that it won’t help him one bit. Trump is now reduced to insisting that “With an honest Media, we are looking at the Crime of the Century!” In so doing, he’s acknowledging that the mainstream media is not going to run with the unsupported lies that he and Durham have tried to put out there.


Accordingly, Trump is now reduced to yelling “TREASON!!! THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY!” in all caps. But that kind of berserk meltdown isn’t going to change the fact that this Durham probe has turned out to be the failure for Trump that anyone paying attention always knew it was going to be.

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